Bread means life for Ukrainians.

Do you know the taste of Ukrainian bread? The unspeakably delicious Palyanytsya is one of the most traditional Ukrainian breads.


Bake for Ukraine

is a non-profit organization that shares traditional Ukrainian bread recipes and collects donations to help Ukrainian bakeries contribute to the security of the local food supply during the war.

Ukraine is a bread country. Bread for Ukrainians is a national heritage. We call it “God’s gift,” “breadwinner,” and “holy.” Bread is more than an everyday product. It symbolizes life. Through the taste of Ukrainian bread, we intend to remind people worldwide of the ongoing war and its effect on the people. By promoting Ukrainian bread culture, we contribute to preserving it when it is at risk of getting lost.

The bread basket

Ukraine has a very profound grain culture which is also noticeable in the national flag: The blue part symbolizes the sky, the yellow part stands for a grain field. The extremely fertile land has made the country an important global grain producer, providing 7-12% of the world’s wheat supply alone (Source: OEC). The ongoing war puts this part of the global food supply chain at risk. At the same time, the country is starting to run out of flour and other basic foods for their own people, which reduces food security in the country.

The Mission

Bake for Ukraine aims to secure the local food supply by supporting local bakeries and farmers mainly in the cities most affected by the war. We currently support bakeries in Kyiv, Butcha, Kherson, Odesa and Kharkiv by supplying necessary ingredients, providing and maintaining essential equipment, and paying salaries to bakers. In addition, we acquired a mobile bakery in Odesa that can fulfill its functions during power outages and deliver bread to front-line towns and villages. We plan to support bakeries in Mykolaiv and Dnipro and build a bakery in Saltivka. (Kharkiv region)

Help us and ukrainian
bakeries by donating

You want to raise funds yourself through bread?

You are a bakery or a passionate home baker and you want to sell Ukrainian bread and collect donations? Let’s join forces!

The more bakeries all over the world join us, the more impact we can create together. Therefore, we created a bakery kit for you to bake your own Ukrainian bread, promote and run a special event in your neighborhood and collect donations for Ukraine.

All of this would be impossible
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