Bake for Ukraine – Palyanytsya

We provide knowledge about Ukrainian bread, food culture, and the global grain market. We are fundraising to support the food supply chain in Ukraine during the Russian invasion.


Our mission

We are an initiative that promotes Ukrainian bread culture to protect it from being forgotten and collects donations to provide food security to people in Ukraine. With the funds we collect, we buy basic food in bulk and send it to Ukrainian bakeries that currently play a crucial role in providing food security to the civil society and to soldiers.

Why bread?

Ukraine has a very profound grain culture, which is also noticeable in their national flag: The blue part symbolizes the sky, the yellow part stands for a grain field. The extremely fertile land has made the country an important grain producer globally, providing 7-12% of the world’s wheat supply alone (Source: OEC). The ongoing war puts this part of the global food supply chain at risk. At the same time, the country is starting to run out of flour and other basic foods for their own people, which reduces food security in the country.

Bread is a very fundamental and sacred food. It is an everyday life product, through which we want to remind people all over the world of the ongoing war and the effect on the people. 

We chose to start with the unspeakably delicious Palyanytsya to you, which is one of the traditional Ukrainian breads, known by every Ukrainian person, usually reminding them of their childhood. It is a delicious, mild white wheat bread with ingredients including milk and butter. Its round shape and the smile-shaped cut make it iconic, friendly, and unique. By promoting Ukrainian bread culture, we want to contribute to preserving it in times when it is at risk.

Who we are?

We are three initiators united by a passion for artisanal bread. We are a mix of Ukrainian/Slovakian/German/Russian backgrounds, who share a wide international network in the sector of food and particularly baking. Currently, our cause is supported by 12 volunteers.

Olga Graf

Russian-German food sustainability strategist and consultant

Maria Kalenska

Ukrainian Food writer, blogger and ambassador of Odessa cuisine

Mykola Nevrev

Ukrainian-Slovak baker, author and photographer

Our partners

Markthalle Neun


Domberger Brot-Werk

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