Donate for Ukraine

Use of our funds

All donations are used to buy food in bulk that is being sent from Berlin to Ukrainian bakeries that are currently playing a crucial role in securing food supply on the ground.
We are directly in touch with bakeries in Ukraine and have a wide and relevant network in Germany that allows us to do so.
You can donate to us by buying a loaf of designated Ukrainian bread at a bakery nearby or motivate a bakery in your neighborhood to bake it. If you don’t have that opportunity at the moment, you can also donate directly to us here.

MARCH 2022

€ 48 075

worth of products

€ 121 500


Financial transparency

We are a small NGO handeling bigger and bigger food deliveries. We want you to know where all the donations go to. Therefore we are working on an open book with all financial details.

(Coming soon)

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