Donate for Ukraine

Use of our funds

All donations are directed to support bakeries in Kyiv, Butcha, Kherson, Odesa and Kharkiv by supplying necessary ingredients, providing and maintaining essential equipment, and paying salaries to bakers. In the near future, we plan to start supporting bakeries in Mykolaiv and Dnipro. In addition, we acquired a mobile bakery in Odesa that can fulfill its functions during power outages and deliver bread to front-line towns and villages. Thanks to the recently received financing, the construction of a bakery in Saltivka (Kharkiv region) is currently underway.

You can donate to us by buying a loaf of designated Ukrainian bread at a bakery nearby or motivate a bakery in your neighborhood to bake it. If you don’t have that opportunity at the moment, you can also donate directly to us here.

MARCH 2022

€ 180 000

Financial transparency

Financial information about the distribution of donations will be available to you soon. We are working on an open book.

(Coming soon)